When thinking about audio editors, we naturally think about the paid options. But the truth is there are so many free audio editors out there that are incredibly powerful. It does not matter if you want to create a podcast, trim some sound, or record a song. There is surely a free tool that you can use. And we are highlighting the very best ones below.


Audacity is one of the oldest free audio editors available, and it is still the very best choice. This is a program that has numerous plugins, supports pretty much every single audio file type you want, and can even stream to your podcast listeners. In fact, the only problem with Audacity is that the interface is a little outdated and can confuse the beginners.

Audacity is already 20 years old and is simply perfect for those willing to put in the effort to learn it. It is definitely intimidating, but this open-source program has such a huge online following that there are always brand new plugins and features to try.


Ocenaudio instantly stands out because it is easier to use than the above mentioned Audacity, although it is still very powerful. The interface is very clear and you can hear all changes in real-time. The only problem with it is that updates are quite irregular.

We recommend Ocenaudio for people who see Audacity’s interface as too overwhelming, but do not want to make a compromise when it comes to features. This free audio editor is excellent and is fully open-source.

Most audio tools will destroy the original file, which practically means that you need to do the edit and then listen to the result. Ocenaudio previews everything in real-time, so you do not have to worry about undoing over and over again.

Ashampoo Music Studio

Ashampoo Music Studio is an audio editor and media player combo. It is very good for beginners and the only problem is that it does not offer multi-track support.

This Windows-only editor has a very simple editing feature and all the buttons you use for important functions, like pasting and cutting, are clearly visible.

Basically Ashampoo Music Studio is very good for rearranging audio clips. Also, it is great if you want to edit metadata tags, design CD labels, rip discs, burn discs, and convert between audio formats.


Audiotool is pretty good when it comes to beat mixing. It can easily sync tracks, export files, features virtual instruments, and the problem is that it just works in Google Chrome.

This freeware option is practically an online platform. It is in-browser and you do not have to install anything, although you can use a plugin for Chrome.

You can use Audiotool in order to record sound segments you can then use as samples or mix. Filters can be added and there is a pretty interesting MIDI controller available.

Learn more about Audiotool HERE