TweakPower is a freeware Windows utility that optimizes and cleans the computer so that it runs at an optimal speed. When you install, you get a very useful tune-up utility capable of fine-tuning the operating system and many different applications. This increases security, diagnoses errors, vulnerabilities, and refreshes the registry.

Software Details

  • Size: 6.7 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: 1.161
  • Release Date: 14-10-2020
  • Operating System: Windows XP and above


Software Description

The main functions are TweakPower are:

  • Disc Cleanup – The tool analyzes the registry, the browsers, plug-ins, and the system. You can use this to delete duplicate files, unnecessary files, registry entries, plug-ins that you do not use and your internet cache. Also, use it to defragment your hard drive.
  • System Settings – This will optimize your computer by customizing system settings, modifying start-up programs, updating drivers, and modifying input devices.
  • Security – Manages and configures Windows settings. This includes automatic updates, firewall settings, user administration settings, security center settings, and privacy settings. You can also use this to delete sensitive data, delete the unneeded files, control your network settings, and encrypt files.
  • System Maintenance – This manages Autoplay and Autostart functions, together with scheduled tasks. You can also use this to troubleshoot disk errors, change applications, uninstall them, and deal with typical Windows problems.
  • Communication – This will customize your internet connection, your browsers, and will synchronize the computer with the atomic clock.

This application will allow you to customize various aspects of Windows, including buttons, the start-up screen, the start-up menu, the desktop display, icons, colors, and appearance. Change your operating mode, ranging from Economy Mode to Standard Mode. You can also use Turbo Mode to quickly turn off all the unnecessary processes. Obviously, this offers more power you can use for games, video, or browsing.

Optimizations will be saved, together with restore points. This means that you can easily return the system to any earlier state whenever you want to.

TweakPower can also be used as a file shredder, file splitter, backup, search, restore deleted files, scan directory sizes, devices, utilities, and system settings.

You can also use TweakPower’s interesting add-ons:

  • Defragment your files for faster application loads, copying files, opening files, and more.
  • 1-Click Maintenance – Helps you solve common PC problems and quickly improve game and program performance.
  • TaskManager – This allows you to see processor usage and other features.