Macrium Reflect is a very fast disk cloning and imaging solution that helps you to back up your entire system. This is the free edition of the software, which is more than enough for most possible users. In the event that you have to abort an upgrade or you need to recover from a system breakdown, everything is compressed and can be recovered.

Software Details

  • Size: 102 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: 7.2.4884
  • Release Date: 12-05-2020
  • Operating System: All Windows


Software Features

  • Backup & Restore

The software creates differential and incremental backups. They can easily create backups of any folder. You can easily choose what is to be included and what is to be left out. The filtering levels are advanced so you can even exclude system files and hidden files. Various compression levels are available so you are flexible in terms of how much disk space is used as the backup is created. As expected, you can back up USB flash drives, DVDs, and network drives.

  • Disk Imaging Advantages

Macrium Reflect Free Edition allows you to create a full hard backup or you can just choose a partition. The subsequent backups are differential or incremental. You can thus easily resize the partition and change it as you see fit, including to make it bootable.

  • Safety And Convenience

You can easily use the freeware software as you do other things on the computer. The disk is not affected while you create the backup. You can even set up Macrium Reflect to start at startup.

  • Scheduling

You can schedule backups monthly, weekly or daily. Automatic differential and incremental backups can be created, based on your requirements. Completion is always automatic and you will get HTML log reports that can be viewed to see what changes were done.