Just as the name implies, IrfanView Portable is the portable version of the highly popular free image viewer with the same name. You use it when you do not want to install an application on your Windows computer and can still use this viewer without a compromise. The freeware program can be run from all storage devices, including optical discs and flash drives.

Software Details

  • Size: 2.48 MB
  • Version: 4.57
  • License: Freeware
  • Release Date: 13-01-2021
  • Operating System: Windows XP and above


Software Description

After you download and you extract the .exe file on the external device of your choice, it is a breeze to use it on several computers. Launch the program and the window will remind you of the classic image editors because of drawing tools present on the right, together with menu functions in the interface’s upper part.

When you open an image with IrfanView Portable, it will cover most of the software interface, plus details appearing right at the bottom. You can thus quickly see details like how much is displayed, modification date, and image size.

With IrfanView Portable, you can open several images at a time. In the File Menu, you can see thumbnails or start viewing the images as a slideshow. Configure various slideshow properties.

IrfanView Portable allows you to open all the common image file types, including RAW, ASCII, and HEX. It is very simple to rename, copy, save, or move images in countless formats.

With the Edit menu, you can perform various things, like cropping selection, adding text, watermarks, and showing a selection grid. As opposed to various image editors on the market right now, this program allows you to even cut outside selection area.

To make matters even more interesting, IrfanView Portable is supporting various plugins in order to extend functionality. Based on installed plugins, you can even use OCR or create multiple PDF files.

On the whole, IrfanView Portable is a very useful and effective free image resizer that supports batch conversions and various other interesting features.