DiskGenius Free (also known as PartitionGuru) allows you to easily manage or create hard drive partitions. With it you can perform very useful tasks. For instance, the intuitive software will help you format and delete partitions, clone partitions, recover data, and recover lost files.

Software Details:

  • Size: 62 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Release Date: 01-06-2021
  • Version:
  • Operating System: Windows XP & Above


Software Description

It is important not to install DiskGenius Free in the same partition where you will keep your recovery files. This can destroy files and would lead to not being able to recover them. However, if you follow this advice, everything will run very smoothly.

The built-in disk management tools will help you to easily resize the partition. If you want to keep your files though, they can be saved.  

After launching DiskGenius Free, you can see the partitions and their states. You can right click what you want to resize and do this really fast. There is a pop-up dialog that will display data allocation. It will allow you to quickly set the partition sizes. After clicking Start, the message box will ask confirmation for anything you want to modify.

You can see all steps performed as they are being carried out by the software, together with the estimated remaining time.

When you want to recover a partition that already exists, there is a good possibility you will do it. The partition can easily disappear due to different reasons, like improper system shutdown, virus attack, or power outage. This can lead to unallocated space or space that simply disappeared.

Use the software to look for lost or deleted partitions. Then, you can repair anything improper that you locate.

After you find a partition that was lost, you learn details so you can recover them, like location, size, and volume. Keep the identified partition with Reserve or preview files to see them before you decide.

On the whole, DiskGenius Free is a very versatile partition management software program. It gives you access to more functions than mentioned. Also, the software is fully compatible with all storage media types. This includes memory cards, virtual disks, USB flash drives, RAID drives, and SSDs.