Autoruns stands out as one of the best startup monitors you could use and it is completely free. It shows you the programs that are configured and allowed to run as system login or bootup begin, just like when Windows applications like media players are activated. This includes Winlogon notifications, toolbars, auto-start services, and more.

Most people have no idea how many executable files are automatically launched when they open their computer. With the use of Autoruns you can remove those that are not needed.

Using Autoruns

After you run Autoruns, the free software shows you the auto-start applications that are configured, together with file system and Registry locations available for the configuration of auto-start. This include logon entries, Internet Explorer add-ons, image hijacks, Wonlogon notification DLLs, media codecs and more. A Tabs display system shows you autostarts from various categories.

In order to see properties for executables that are configured for automatic run, you just select it and then click Properties. It is as easy as that.