Password Safe Portable increases the safety of your online operations as it helps you manage all passwords you have for different accounts. You avoid the unwanted situation in which hackers find out a password that you use and then take advantage of it to crack other accounts.

Software Details:

  • Size: 15.4 MB
  • Version: 3.54.0
  • Operating System: Windows XP and above
  • License: Freeware
  • Release Date: 09-10-2020


Software Description

It is difficult to remember many passwords. This is especially the case when you use very strong passwords, which you choose do, one with symbols, numbers, and letters. Password Safe Portable is a freeware program that allows you to safely secure all your passwords. In return, you just have to remember ONE master password.

Password Safe Portable will store all your passwords in a secure database. Based on your personal needs, multiple databases can be created. All databases are independent and can work on another computer if you use the same software version. An encryption key is derived from the master password. Then, that key is utilized to encrypt the entire database.

As you open the password manager, you have to create the master password. You then specify where the password is stored. By default, My Safes is chosen. The file that includes the master password is encrypted by the software.

The Twofish encryption algorithm is utilized by Password Safe Portable to secure the passwords. If the master password is weak, the software lets you know so you do not make this mistake.

After the master password is created, you can add more passwords. Just click “Add Entry” and you can add a new one. By clicking “NEW” you create a new database. The existing passwords can be imported and then grouped.

The last database you used is opened by default when the freeware software is opened. Alternatively, a database can be created with the use of the ellipsis button. Auto Type technique is utilized by Password Safe to let you input the password and username automatically as you browse the internet.