The people behind the highly-successful Opera web browser realized the fact that there are problems with it. This is why they created Vivaldi, a faster browser for the computers that have limited hardware. However, this is not the only advantage offered. This new web browser stands out instantly because of its flexibility and rich functionality, not to mention the huge speed.

Software Details

  • Version: 3.8.2259.42
  • Size: 70 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Release Date: 2021-05-11 
  • Operating System: All Windows


Software Description:

Those that love using the keyboards when they browse will surely love Vivaldi. This is a browser that supports countless quick commands. Set up your very own commands and customize all that are available. Buttons are available in the display’s upper part, below the address bar, to quickly access history, bookmarks and speed dial. Also, quickly create buttons to access new folders while you remove buttons with right clicking.

In the user interface you can notice a small side panel. This offers access to extra features, like contacts, notes, downloads, mail, and bookmarks. Notes can be taken while you browse and quick screenshots are available, making this a great browser for people that do research.

You can use the settings button to determine panel positions for practically anything. Also, the browser actually adapts to your browsing habits. The interface can adjust based on what you browse.

Then, to make matters even more interesting, with Vivaldi you can post on Instagram right from your browser.