PaintStar is a highly versatile freeware digital image processing program that is perfect for various different tasks, like image morphing, photo retouching, authoring images, composing images, displaying thumbnails inside the Windows Explorer menu, and screen capture. It includes support for layer, path, alpha, and various other editing techniques. Many of the filters and tools that you would expct in the commercial programs are available in Paintstar.

Software Details:

  • Size: 2.57 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: 2.7
  • Release Date: 23-03-2006
  • Operating System: Windows 9X and above


Software Features

  • Includes all the painting tools you expect, like pencil, airbrush, eraser, paintbrush, color retouching, filter brush, cloning, smudge, and sharpening. You can use several of the customizable textures, gradients, combining modes, and brushes included.
  • Image morphing is supported. This allows you to create intermediate frames that transform into a single image.
  • Transformation tools like scale, rotate, wrap, flip, and perspective. Full support for auto antialias is included.
  • Different gradient fill tools are available, like radial, conical, square, linear, shapeburst, and conical.
  • Various selection tools are included, like elliptical, fuzzy, paths, free, and rectangular. Subtract, antialias, feather selections, invert, and add.
  • Can zoom up to 2000%, with show grids supported.
  • Over 30 file formats are supported, including BMP, PCX, TGA, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and JPEG.
  • Alpha channel support.
  • Color conversion support.
  • TWAIN supported.
  • Displays EXIF and EXIF 2.2.
  • Multiple layers and 26 methods of combining.
  • Multiple paths are supported.
  • Can redo and undo up to 99 times.
  • Over 100 effects and filters.
  • Screen capture is supported.
  • Thumbnail display for selected images inside Windows Explorer.