Fotor-Photo Editor allows you to easily edit photos without having to know much about the process. While the program is also available in your browser, the Desktop version is definitely preferred. Inside the Fotor-Photo Editor you can find all the features you would expect, like tilt-shift, 60 effects, 30 frames, retina display support, RAW support, high-resolution saving, built-in sharing and special 1-tap enhance opportunities.

Software Description:

  • License: Freeware – Ad supported
  • Size: 229 MB.
  • Release Date: 21-04-2020
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10


Fotor-Photo Editor Features:

You have access to features that allow you to adjust contrast, brightness, exposure, white balance, vignette, saturation and sharpening. There are 13 1-tap enhance configurations included, which is definitely something that is highly appreciated by people.

  • Create Collages

The collage feature offers a high flexibility so you can customize and create. There are 41 different templates that can be used, with a maximum of 9 times at a time. Freestyle mode allows you to move photos however you want and you can choose out of 16 available backgrounds. Upload 30 photos and mix them up, swap them out or match them as you wish to.

  • Photo Editing

The photo processing power included is modern and it is so easy to process photos of a high quality fast. You can adjust brightness, white balance, contrasts, exposure and saturation, among many others.

  • Improved Photo Enhancement

Photos are rarely taken in a controlled environment. It is difficult to keep adjusting camera settings whenever needed. This is where you can use the photo editor. The “Scenes” feature allows you to use 13 1-tap enhance option. They were created for many different photo capture conditions.

  • Borders And Effects

Increase creativity with the numerous borders and effects available. Professional photographers and even designers offered input so that Fotor now has access to 60 great effects. This includes B&W, Vignettes, Art, Lomo and Classic.

  • Tilt Shift

This editor offers a depth-of-field that you can only see on the professional DSLR cameras.