Smart Game Booster was created to help people deal with gaming lag as they play their favorite games on their Windows PC. This is a freeware program that offers a very simple way to easily temporarily shut down all the background processes and services that are not needed. You can definitely do this manually, but it would take way too long. Also, you would need a lot more computer knowledge than the average individual. Smart Game Booster makes it very easy.

Software Details:

  • Size: 55 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Version:
  • Operating System: Windows XP and above
  • Release Date: 23-12-2020


Software Description

Smart Game Booster installs really fast and its user interface is dark-themed, being a hit among gamers. There are just 4 tabs located on the upper part of the freeware program, with one large button being present in the center. The Boost tab is opened by default. You can simply click the Boost button and let the program do its thing. However, there is also a Configure button that you can utilize.

You can see a list of the processes opened, including descriptions, names, and more. When you click the Advanced button, you see a service and process whitelist. You make selections and you then just have to click Apply. After clicking Boost, you are told how much RAM was removed and the clipboard is cleaned.

In the Games tab, you can optimize your games further by just adding them to the launching box. This can be done with drag and drop. After just pressing one mouse click in the games section, the game can be launched and the system optimized.

On the whole, Smart Game Booster allows you to quickly speed up the computer and optimize your games through the shutting down of all unnecessary services and processes. You can easily configure everything and you will get a better gaming experience.