Shopbook stands out as a complete application for accounting that is perfect for every single small business, wholesale, retail, service operations, or production. It includes barcode generator, inventory control, and several other services you need when you run a business.

Software Details

  • Size: 57.6 MB
  • Version: 4.54
  • License: Freeware
  • Release Date: 02-01-2021
  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above


Software Description

Shopbook is definitely designed for every single user, but it is always best to know bookkeeping at a fundamentals level before starting. If you do not know much about accounting though, there is an online tutorial available that will guide you through everything.

The freeware software program was designed to perform many different accounting tasks while based on a database software. Microsoft Access is needed to be installed but Shopbook does not actually need to be installed. All you have to do is unzip and open the application.

When you first launch the application, just use Admin as the username and “12345” as the password. A popup window will appear and you see the buttons to access every single data entry module. In the Contacts Button, you start. This is where you set up all your Customer and Vendor details.

With the Admin button, you set up access levels and users. Then, the Branch button enables limitations whenever needed. With the Admin menu, you can also set up signature forms when restricting further editing for vouchers, orders, and invoices.

If you want to enter data, you do so easily with the use of a table. You just fill in the needed numbers and information. You can also set up materials coding with Purchase Register before purchases are entered. This allows you to get inventory control. After that, you can employ various modules, like Sales, Receipt, and Payment. Every single register is available with the included Keyboard.

Inside the program’s Ledger Button, you receive customizable financial statements, other business operating statements, and more.

With the Shopbook free accounting software, you get a toolbar that has updates so you can only use the tools that you need. You can also use keyboard shortcuts and there is sample data available if you just want to practice.