GOM Player helps you enjoy media in a different way and stands out among media players.

Software Details:

  • License: Free/Ad-supported
  • Size: 25 MB
  • Version:
  • Release Date: 25-08-2020
  • Operating System: All Windows


Software Details

GOM Player supports different file types, including broken AVI files. In fact, this is software that is capable of playing some files that many others have no chance of playing. If you had problems with a specific video file type and you had no success, try GOM.

Most codecs are supported by GOM Player, including AVI, DivX, MPEG, DAT, and countless others. This is possible through a proprietary embedded codec system. It practically means that you no longer need to find codecs to play videos.

When there are some codes that cannot be freely distributed or a license is needed, GOM Player shines. It automatically takes you to a website with open-source codecs that are suitable.

Another interesting feature is that GOM allows you to watch video files as they are being downloaded. There is even a registered patent for AVI video files that are broken.

Various extra advanced features are available for the advanced user. The player has different customization options and you can easily set resolution-related details. There is an overlay mixer with AVI key frames and optimized buffering.


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