Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a very useful software that lets you watch TV channels and even movies right on your PC. It is also possible to record your preferred songs on TV or listen to on the radio to MP3.

Software Details:

  • Size: 8.07 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Version:
  • Operating System: All Windows
  • Release Date: 30-05-2012


Software Features

  • Can function as video converter
  • Access to thousands of radio channels and TV stations
  • Live sports
  • Watch movies online
  • Many genres included, like kids, news, movies, and classic
  • Record into numerous video file formats
  • Flash games search engine plugin
  • Adult video search plugin
  • Music on demand
  • User password protection
  • Free
  • Weather reports and news reports
  • Auto update the channel lists